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Employee Handbooks: Why they are Important

Employee Handbooks should be a staple in every business, whether it is a large national company, or one with just a few employees. An Employee Handbook is a guide that gives a business a way to communicate clearly the expectations, roles, and responsibilities of the Employee as well as the policies and procedures for an Employee to follow within the organzation.

While it is not legally required for a business to have an Employee Handbook, it is a smart practice to implement one if the business plans on growing or already has more than 15 employees. The reason is because once a company has 15 Employees, Federal Acts such as the Americans with Disabilities, Civil Rights, FMLA, and Pregnancy Leave Act start to apply.

Employee Handbooks clearly define the Companies Expectations:

The Employee Handbook should set forth clear boundaries and expectations for Employees to follow. The Handbook should clearly define for the Employees acceptable behavior, dress codes, compensation, discipline, and any Employee incentives. It can even define company internet and e-mail usage and personal cell phone rules.

There are many things to consider when creating an EMployee Handbook for your Company. Administrative policies such as the companies pay vyvle, standard operating hours, holiday shcedules and pay, vacation time and accruals, a clear definition of part-time and full-time status and more. It can also define e-mail and computer usage, Leaves of Absence, Accident reporting procedures and benefit elegibility.

Quantum Payroll Systems can help you. If your Company has an outdated Employee Handbook or simply needs to implement one, contact us today to see how we can help you get started.

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